Website Design, Concept & Creation: we
know what it takes to sell reservations on the web. We make it easy for your viewers to understand what you offer, and easy for you to sell reservations.

Any designer can create an attractive website - communicating with tourist web viewers is the real problem. Selling reservations is what counts, and that's where Tourist Marketing Services excels. The challenge is in figuring out what your property offers, and communicating that in images, design and words. When a potential guest calls, you quickly realize the difference we make. They understand what you offer, your conversation is more specific, and is closer to reservation being made. We know how to communicate your property to viewers from hundreds or thousands of miles away in a way that communicates, convinces and sells. Our clients are pleased with the numbers we produce for them and that is the focus of our work. Stop talking on the telephone so much and let your website do some of the selling and talking for you.

Some examples of our work for others, and client comments:


"Our website is bringing in much more business than before." - Sergio Basserra

Terrace By The Sea, Ogunquit, Maine

Beautiful view images and location, with a variety of rooms. This is a complicated property in a beautiful location. There are several buildings with different room styles and different views of the ocean. This typifies the work we do. We didn't just take photos and design a website, we figured out why people weren't reserving as often and solved it. The challenge here is to make it easy for the viewer to understand the various room options, while still portraying the overall beauty of the property.



"This is more help than I've gotten from anybody I have worked with." - Mike Bouffard

Normandie Inn, Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Another very complicated property with 40+ photo images of all kinds of room types. All property photography taken by InnShots. Anybody could have just designed a website for this property, we figured out how to communicate what is there in images and words. This is the difference, and why the client is so pleased. The amount of talking and explaining he has to do on the telephone has been dramatically reduced by this new website. People are ready to reserve when they call.


"After working with others, somebody finally got us going in the right direction."

The Sudbury Inn, Bethel, Maine

Displays with 30 photo images of rooms and other spaces. All property photography taken by InnShots, and this site shows the photography nicely with blow-up guest room images. Flash introduction of day and night views of front porch.


Nevis Island Time, Nevis, West Indies

A stunning vacation home on Nevis.
Photographs provided by the home owner.


"Fabulous job on the website and rack card. My reservations have gone way up."

Boulder Motor Court,
Twin Mountain, New Hampshire

When this website was launched, the client's reservations shot up immediately.
This site shows you how even the most complicated, hard to explain property can be figured out. When viewers understand what you are offering, they are far more likely to reserve. At the Boulder Motor Court, web viewers used to look, now they are stopping and making reservations.



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