"Bro-Card" Postcards - Thousands Of Mini - Brochures Advertising Your Lodging.

And Your Guests Pay The Postage!

Visitors Love Postcards. They buy and send them by the millions. Why let them buy a boring postcard from a card rack when they could be sending YOUR message to thousands of potential guests with a custom BRO-CARD.

Blue Shutters Inn
Comfort Inn Plymouth, Massachusetts
Eagle Mountain House
Skylark Beach Inn
Sea View Motel Governor's Inn

Lafayette's Oceanfront Resort

RACK BRO-CARDS are an inexpensive alternative to a full size
brochure. The look like a brochure in a display rack, can hold many
photos images and ample copy, and also fit into a #10 envelope for
mailing with rates and other materials.
The "Bro-Card" is our creation - and it's a piece that pays you back over and over. Instead of a regular boring postcard, this is a "mini - brochure" about you. It is a marketing piece that guests love, and will mail to thousands of their friends, associates and relatives with your photos and message on it. And they pay the postage!

The Bro-Cards are beautifully designed and written, and feature full color on both sides. This allows the use of several photo images and copy, while still giving the guests ample room to write personal messages.

We can deliver 5,000 or 10,000
Bro-Cards to you within 2 weeks.

Many innkeepers leave one card in the room for each stay and sell extras at the desk for a nominal charge, such as 25 cents each or 5 for $1. This usually ends up paying for most or all of the cards.

More and more clients are asking for these, and these at the left are just a few samples.

5,000 or 10,000 are the fastest turnaround quantities. Other quantities are available. Contact us (below) and we will promptly send you a quote.


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